Cultured Marble Colors

With over 200 pigments to work with, the color options and combinations are vast when it comes to Cultured Marble.  You’re almost guaranteed to find a colour that works with your scheme.

Each piece is handmade and therefore will have a unique finish. The samples are a close color representation of the expected outcome but the swirling and blending patterns will never be identical in 2 or more pieces. The effect of swirling or blending gives an added layer of texture that can result in totally different looks when using identical colors.

We display some of the more popular colors that seem to work in most situations in our showroom. Please bring samples of other materials in your room such as cabinet doors, flooring or paint chips to us in our showroom.  It will help in choosing a color that compliments your décor. We will gladly discuss the option of creating a unique color or combination to achieve a personalized look.


Cultured Granite Colors

If you prefer the look of granite, cultured granite can help create the bathroom of your dreams. Cultured Granite has the same qualities as Cultured Marble but offers a stone-like, granular look with a variety of popular “Earth Tones” to choose from.

Several colors have gold and silver metallic accents that add a luxurious finish to the final product. The rich textured look of Cultured Granite is the perfect accent for any home and can be combined with Cultured Marble to create a unique spa-like environment.

Visit us in our showroom to see some of the cultured granite samples on display as well as sample boards featuring the variety of colours available. Cultured Granite  samples are a very accurate representation of what you can expect from the finished product. Cultured Granite is a “special order” but the additional time and costs associated with manufacturing the product is well worth the end result.